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Organizational Leadership Partners: Enabling Optimal Organizational Culture for Exceptional Performance


We believe you lead people, not manage them. Members of a highly effective leadership team know, agree on, and are passionate about the reason that the organization exists.

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Intelligence

The ultimate goal of leadership is to achieve collaboratively what we could never have achieved alone.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Training that helps expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations.

Strategic Planning & Alignment


Unlocking a person's potential to maximize their performance and increasing the probability of an employee's success .

My Charlie’s Heart was established by Dr. Candace Goodwin and her grandson, Charlie, to help Charlie understand homelessness and how important it is to give back to the community. The Association was established to help the disenfranchised in the Chicagoland area increase their confidence through care for their individual hygiene needs, through the distribution of hygiene products.

My Charlie’s Heart currently collects unused/unopened hygiene products from individuals.

Breaking Through A Cracked Foundation by Dr. Candace Goodwin

In the past, tears flowed down my face when I thought about my life. Invariably, there are those challenging moments throughout any of our lives. Breaking Through a Cracked Foundation describes my journey, and the healing I received throughout my life while growing up in a home with an abusive/alcoholic father, being sexually abused, and being married to a man with an addiction to pornography.

I believe each of us can overcome difficulties and break through our cracked foundations and live a life with purpose.

Breaking Through a Cracked Foundation

Dr. Candace L. Goodwin

Dr. Goodwin is a sought-after executive in strategic development, culture and change management, employee engagement, higher education, and leadership development. She has helped transform organizational cultures creating opportunities for employees to do their best work and organizations to get their best results.