Our Mission

Guiding organizations, teams, and individuals in reshaping their organizational culture for increased employee engagement and improved performance outcomes.

Our Achievements

Our clients experience remarkable accomplishments by aligning organizational priorities with culture. Our services yield outstanding business growth, the development of highly effective leadership teams, and heightened employee engagement. Furthermore, the organizational culture of every client we collaborate with transforms into one that fosters optimal performance and well-being.

Our Team

We are a coalition of consultants at the forefront of strategic development, performance coaching, employee engagement, emotional intelligence, culture and change management, and leadership development. Our team comprises innovative, high-energy, and perceptive leadership experts with extensive, diverse experience and a proven history of guiding organizations to higher levels of engagement and performance.
Dr. Candace Goodwin

Dr. Candace Goodwin

Elene Cafasso
Master Certified Coach

Dr. Kim Nugent

Dr. Kim Nugent

Carrie Rubin

Carrie Rubin
Trainer/Career Coach

Kristin Arquilla

Kristin Arquilla
Vice President of Media Services


"Candace has become an invaluable member of the Energage team, working with our customers on their most critical challenges to build and nurture a winning culture. Her versatility, communication skills, and openminded approach are just a few of the characteristics from which we and our customers have benefited. I would strongly recommend Candace as a trusted advisor for organizations that want to outperform their peers."
Dan Kessler
President, Energage
"Candace Goodwin has provided support to our organization, Learning Together Education, for many years. Candace is disciplined, systematic, level-headed and wise. Her guidance is right on, even when it’s not what I want to hear. She is balanced, gentle yet firm. I recommend that you get her advice – then follow it."
Susan Tracy McDaniel
Director, Learning Together Education
"Dr. Candace Goodwin has a commitment to excellence, strong business/academic acumen and exceptional ability to develop people. She has the experience to train and develop highly effective and cohesive teams and inspire them to perform at their best. I have witnessed her ability to motivate individuals to perform at their best, collaborate with all constituencies and improve performance in all areas. Dr. Goodwin is a strategic visionary who is able to assess a situation and provide solutions. She is highly intelligent, an outstanding communicator and team builder. I would highly recommend working with her."
Dr. Lennor Johnson
VP of Student Services, Imperial College
"Candace presented an informative yet concise report to our executive staff providing guidance in interpreting our survey results. The session with our leadership team involved a positive approach to celebrating successes as well as delving into our opportunities for improvement. The team was able to focus on developing strategies to connect with their staff in a more meaningful interaction, which we believe will continue to enhance our engagement with our staff and our consumers throughout the organization."
Denyse Bales-Chubb
President & CEO, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel
"Candace has a wealth of tools that have provided unified language and insight for my leadership team. She is extremely respectful of the work that is done in education and nonprofits and is able to listen well to best assess how to support us as leaders. I am always energized to see how she can help us apply leadership and team development tools to strengthen our work."
Becky Kaufman
Elementary Services Administrator, Giant Steps
"Dr. Candace Goodwin and OLP don’t just provide great service, they also provide great value through the quality of what they deliver. Dr. Goodwin is an expert in employee engagement, organizational development and many well validated leadership assessments. Goodwin combines the educational and intellectual expertise with a solid, “common sense” approach to find the most practical and effective solution for the clients’ business and is personally committed to the clients she serves. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"
Elene Cafasso
President, Enerpace