In 2014, we began collecting toiletries and started distributing food, water, and toiletries to those in need. When Charlie is asked why do we do this his response is "To make the world a better place."


We provide hygiene products to individuals that are homeless and/or in shelters around Chicagoland and to teach young children the importance of giving back.


Our mission is to serve Chicagoland in caring for the homeless population and to provide services to meet the hygiene and health needs of the individuals we serve.


The vision of My Charlie's Heart is to be a leading organization for assistance to individuals that are homeless in Chicagoland.

Executive Summary

My Charlie’s Heart was established by Dr. Candace Goodwin and her grandson, Charlie, to help Charlie understand homelessness and how important it is to give back to the community. The Association was established to help the disenfranchised in the Chicagoland area increase their confidence through care for their individual hygiene needs, through the distribution of hygiene products.

My Charlie’s Heart currently collects unused/unopened hygiene products from individuals. This includes soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. Additionally, the foundation includes a bottle of water, a pair of socks, a dollar bill, and purchases toothpaste and toothbrushes for the distribution. To date, these additional items have been purchased and donated by the board of directors.
Bags are compiled by Charlie for distribution and are delivered to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, domestic violence shelters, and homeless individuals on the street.

In the future, we hope to further established other ways to help this group of individuals navigate their current situation.

Core Values: (LQIS)


Prepare hygiene packets for the homeless that include:

Males are far more likely to experience homelessness than their female counterparts. Out of every 10,000 males, 22 are homeless. For women and girls, that number is 13. Gender disparities are even more evident when the focus is solely on individual adults (the most significant subgroup within homelessness). The overwhelming majority (70 percent) are men.

We started My Charlie’s Heart when at three years old, Charlie saw a homeless man on the street and asked a lot of questions. Once I described what it meant to be homeless, he began asking more questions and asked what we could do to help.

Dr. Candace L. Goodwin

Dr. Goodwin is a sought-after executive in strategic development, culture and change management, employee engagement, higher education, and leadership development. She has helped transform organizational cultures creating opportunities for employees to do their best work and organizations to get their best results.